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About Us

Apsu provides complementary therapies that can bring balance, calm and mindfulness to aid self-healing and keep you at your emotional and physical best.


Modern life can often deplete our natural vitality leaving us prone to strain, stress, disease and illness. Whether you seek a one-off treatment or regular maintenance our complementary therapies can help you on your well-being journey.

Therapy Benefits

Physiological effects

  • increase circulation & prompt cell function

  • relax and warm muscles & tissues

  • stimulate & exfoliate the skin

  • increase lymphatic flow and drainage

  • stimulate nerve endings

  • hormone balancing

  • promote deep sleep

  • lower blood pressure

Psychological effects

  • relaxation

  • release tension, anxiety and stress

  • give sense of wellbeing

  • mood enhancement

  • motivation and energy

All new clients will receive a 20-minute consultation beforehand to review medical history, lifestyle and aims of the therapy to tailor the best treatment for you.


NB. You must ensure to divulge any medical conditions as prompted during consultation or when arising as these may prevent treatment from being carried out.